The goal of our research is to improve medical therapies used in treating neurological damage. We believe that independent and collaborative research can further advance the development of solutions that will support those facing obstacles presented by brain injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and other neurological conditions.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent #8,158,578: Methods for treating neurological deficits, in April 2012, and US Patent #8,138,143: Methods for treating a neurological disorder by peripheral administration of a trophic factor, in March 2012. These were issued in addition to NeuroRepair’s first two issued patents, #7,790,669 and #7,795,202.

Research Papers

Intranasal Administration of PEGylated Transforming Growth Factor-α Improves Behavioral Deficits in a Chronic Stroke Model

Ependymal Stem Cells Divide Asymmetrically and Transfer Progeny Into the Subventricular Zone When Activated by Injury

Transforming Growth Factor-Alpha Induces Neurogenesis and Behavioral Improvement in a Chronic Stroke Model

Rebuilding the Nervous System with Stem Cells
Chapter 8 of the report, Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future Research DirectionsJune 17, 2001, The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research

In vivo induction of massive proliferation, directed migration, and differentiation of neural cells in the adult mammalian brain

Repairing Brains, by Matthew Klipstein