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Chronic Stroke
Parkinson’s Disease

The NeuroRepair Solution

We begin by administering, by a non-surgical process, the most efficacious Growth Factor known. Transforming Growth Factor-alpha is a relatively simple, endogenous, 50 amino acid protein that causes the brain to proliferate massive numbers of adult neural stem cells. These cells then migrate to the locus of damage, differentiate into the kinds of cells that were lost, and re-establish lost connections, thereby effecting an essentially perfect repair of the damaged brain. (NeuroRepair has had virtually 100% success with intracranial administration, and to a lesser extent, with intranasal administration.) Recent studies show that, contrary to what had been believed, the transplanted cells do not take the place of the original, lost cells. Rather, the transplanted cells die, and, by an unknown mechanism, cause the brain to express various Growth Factors.

Proliferation and migration of neural stem cells induced by intranasal administration of PEG-TGFα.

Immunofluorescent double-label images of cor- onal brain sections 2 months post-MCAO in adult rats. (A, D, and G) A control animal that received only PBS after the MCAO. The hemisphere ipsilateral to the MCAO infarct is depicted and stained for both BrdU incorporation and nestin. (B, E, and H) The ipsilateral hemisphere of an animal that received 1 weekly in- tranasal treatment of 20 mg of PEG-TGFα for 4 weeks, stained for both BrdU and nestin. (C, F, and I) The same hemisphere in an animal that received direct intracranial infusion of 20 mg of TGFα over a 4-week period. In (I), the lesion site lies outside the frame of the image. (Scale bar: 500 mm.) LV, lateral ventricle; C-P, caudate putamen; CC, corpus callosum; S, septum; SVZ, subventricular zone.

Research Papers
Intranasal Administration of PEGylated Transforming Growth Factor-α Improves Behavioral Deficits in a Chronic Stroke Model

In vivo induction of massive proliferation, directed migration, and differentiation of neural cells in the adult mammalian brain

Transforming Growth Factor-Alpha Induces Neurogenesis and Behavioral Improvement in a Chronic Stroke Model